the gregarious homebody

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dear Blogger,

Your new "template designer" sucks.  All I wanted to do was change my font colors to a more Fall-like palette.  All I wanted to do was update the season on my little tiny blog.  But NO.  Change is a must with you, Blogger.  Change is ALWAYS good according to you. If it's not broke, then by all means, fix it Blogger.  

Now my blog looks stupid with its way-to-the-left off-centeredness.  Is it too much to ask to JUST WANT TO CHANGE A FONT COLOR?

By the looks of the number of people who have typed some form of this letter into your "Help" (ha!) feature, I am not alone.  Until you make it easier to do things the way they were done before, I'm not speaking to you.  Get back to me when you realize that oldies are sometimes goodies.

Suck it,


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