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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Something New

Today was a really good day. And it felt like what the next chapter will be like and I think I like it. 

Today I spent the day with my husband.

This may not sound earth-shattering but when you've been pretty much consumed with the daily life of having children for 14 years, a simple day out doing things that have nothing to do with them is pretty amazing.  

HH and I went to a {really cool used furniture store in K-town} to look for some paintables cheap.  Score!  We agreed on a gnarly orangey desk with awesome hardware and a cool/weird drawer that has these wooden slats in them for files (I think) and a long credenza to help reconfigure our family room to create two areas--one for tv-watching and one for a home office.  The price for two solid wood pieces of furniture that need at most a paint job and at least a cleaning up?  $53.  Take that, IKEA.  AND the place had the entertainment factor of employing the most {burnt} guy on the planet.  The dude is WEIRDLY fascinating.  

After that, a trip to the farmer's market for lunch, some candy, and 20 pumpkins (work event!).  THEN (this keeps getting more awesome) a trip to my favorite {Mennonite store} which HH was impressed by simply because of the juxtaposition of them selling wasabi powder AND all the accoutrement for making homemade sausage.  Finally, a slow ride home through the country, a nap, and a {popcorn dinner}.


I get sad thinking that someday the kids will be gone.  I worry that they won't want to visit or that *shudder* they will feel the way we do about some of our respective kin, but today was a spark of the great part of this upcoming change.  

I think it's going to be fun.


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