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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Obviously Have a Problem with Commitment

I really had the best of intentions in starting this 365 project.  Really.  And then, in the middle of life being awesome, {life got sucky again}.  And, feeling sorry for myself, I didn't take pictures.  Or clean.  Or do anything much at all. And then I shook myself off and kicked myself in the ass.

So, not having much to say really (right now at this moment), here are some pictures that I did take.

poppies are cool.  and somewhat like {alien pods}.

really blackened chicken.  good thing HH likes carcinogens with his protein.

less freaky poppy form.  so beautiful and heart-breakingly short-lived

I know, I know.  those ****ing eggs again.  but they're so beautiful.

brownie batter.  enough said.

when a recipe says "to stiff peaks," this is what is meant.   
you're welcome.

cuban black bean ingredients with {dukka}.  damn good.

graduating 8th grader being humiliated by his mom.

{garlic scapes} which I used to make an utterly vile pesto.  
note to self: always cook garlic scapes.

my favorite dutch american.  also known unfairly as "poor Pat"

steve did not love {these} I didn't care (more for me!)

Ruth was right.  
a neat edge makes even the weediest garden look neater.

roses from my garden (thanks, Ray!) and lavender too

"what? I wasn't supposed to eat that tampon?"

I love the concept of {volunteer plants}.
imagine this lovely saying "oh! Oh!  I'll grow there!"
and then being expected to keep coming back.

yeah, I know these were already pictured but I froze the base
(sans tequila) for another day and defrosted just until slushy.
this is two servings (hahahahahahahahaha)


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