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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Annie Honey


adozeneggs said...

Oh my gosh, look at that tummy!!1

Regardez Moi said...

oh my god she's so cute i'm dying. DYING! have fun with your new little puppy. may she bring you lots and lots of love :)

jen said...

So far she's bringing us tons of love, kisses and mild buyer's remorse (don't worry--I always have that when I bring home a baby, human or otherwise; it's like a "WHAT HAVE I DONE?" moment).

Be prepared for relentless posting of cute pictures.

adozeneggs said...

Ok, since I can't email you. Can I just tell you that a certain comment has me all annoyed! It's an effing cookie for F sake! Sheesh!
BTW Lisa G's cookies will be a headline at 9:30 Monday am. I think Langford will be covering it. It's possible that there will be some talk of them earlier. Not sure how this is going to go!!

jen said...

GREAT! And I totally agree. Come ON! I'm so sorry I even mentioned the silver/gold thing because it opened the flood gates for all the kvechers. SO SORRY!!

I will be listening with bated breath tomorrow to hear the Lisa G. blurb.


32point5 said...

ACCCKKK!!! Too cute....I looovvveee her!


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