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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

I haven't done much blogging because, quite simply, I am a boring person lately. Don't know if it's the winter dulldrums or what but all I want to do is lie on my bed, preferably in my oh-so-alluring polar fleece zip-up robe, and read. Are there projects that could be done? Yes! Is there a desire to actually DO those projects? Always. But the wanting to do and the doing don't seem to be talking to each other lately. Ugh.

All I can think about (besides wanting to somehow turn my myself into a "compassionate" vampire before my skin really starts to sag) is whether or not I'll get into the masters program I applied for. I've never wanted something for myself so much since starting a family. It's exciting thinking about something for me that also has the benefit of, well, benefitting my family too. I can just taste those juicy tuition benefits, people. They're mouth-watering. And the idea of not wearing stained chicken pants and clever t-shirts to work is thrilling. I realize that one is all about me. I want more responsibility. I want more of a grown-up position, while still being able to work within a vibrant, youthful atmosphere. That sounds incredibly cool to me.

So I'm waiting. And reading. And trying to motivate myself to exercise and eat right. And waiting..

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adozeneggs said...

Is Amber at least keeping you company?
I'm sure you'll get out of your rut. I have days where I want to just lay on the sofa with a blankie and TV. So at least you're reading, I'd be zoned out with the television.


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