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Friday, May 1, 2009

My little baby boy (who is almost 5'10" with size 12 1/2 shoes) is right now, as we speak, snuggling on the couch with his girlfriend and watching the romantic classic, Adam Sandler's The Longest Yard.

How did this happen? When I am STILL 25 YEARS OLD??


adozeneggs said...

1st- You allow snuggling in your house?
2nd-that link didn't connect for me. Did you mean the Longest Yard?
He's so cuuute!

jen said...

1st--"snuggling" is sitting next to each other on the couch with heads on shoulders and arm around girl. THere is NO BLANKET allowed because I remember what went on under the blanket!!

2nd--oops. Yes, the Longest, not the youngest (Freudian slip!)

adozeneggs said...

Ok, the link works now.
I thought that was suppose to be a comedy?
I hope they had a fun night, and if your son is anything like I was when my mother made me vacuum (every week), then he was swearing under his breath the entire time.
But I bet your son is a nicer kid than I was, and his mom is most likely nicer than mine too!!

Judy said...

He had his arm around a girl? That sweet little morsel who came up to my shoulder had his arm around a girl??

Unbelievable. He's growing up WAAAY too fast.

jen said...

That was my lame attempt at sarcasm, Laura. It WAS a comedy! :o)

The weird thing about his arm being around her is that he didn't quickly remove it when I entered the room!

adozeneggs said...

Jen, I read the synopsis and it didn't seem like a funny story.
I've rented so many Netflix that claim to be comedy and are NOT. This just seems like it could be one of those kinds of non-comedy films. (hehe Film/Adam Sandler)

Patricia said...

I'm sorry, when did you start to allow girlfriends??! Fill me in!


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