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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ended a verrrrrrry busy week with a trip to DC as a chaperone for KU (Yes, a chaperone. For college students.  Adults. was free).  The Girl and I went since {Mr. Romance} (aka The Boy) has been there before.  What we found there was lots and lots of this:

And this:
It was a SEA of humanity.  Wow.  Now I know it was 70+ degrees and beautiful for the first time in a long time but sheesh.  At one point, on the subway, we were so packed in that I had to tuck my butt in so the doors would close.  I of course made the obligatory fat-ass joke about myself and then the door kept reopeningSo THEN I had to say out loud that my ass wasn't  

The Girl was thrilled with me at this point.  See?

Just kidding.  She was actually thinking I was funny (priceless! doesn't happen much anymore!!) at that point. This picture is from the end of our trip.  When the blisters were huge and juicy and painful.

So anyway, we didn't really get to see much of Washington because (who knew?) six hours is not enough to see anything.  Here's what we did see:

 A pretty decent Lebanese restaurant with Mezze for two.  FYI: french fries are delicious dipped in baba ganouj or {lebne}.

At the National Zoo, we saw either a giant stuffed animal...or a man in a Panda suit.

The weirdest animal was not what you would expect.  It's called a Maned Wolf and this shitty picture does not properly illustrate its weirdness:

The Girl and I have cleverly renamed it The Wox because it looks like a cross between a wolf and...wait for it...a fox (so clever!). Its legs are LONG and its head is small and fox-like.  Sort of the {Beetlejuice} of the wild canine world.  Check {this picture} to see a better likeness.

After that we climbed onto the subway again.  Again, crowded, but really really clean and pretty friendly. We headed toward the American History museum.  All I wanted to see was Julia Child's kitchen (I'm a woman of simple needs).  All The Girl wanted to do was rip off her sneakers and find a couch somewhere with a tivo.  But we soldiered on and saw this sculpture on the way there: 

I want it for my 40th birthday for my back yard.  I'm not kidding.  I'll even make a deal with HH: he can have the Easter Island heads if I can have this.
So we finally got to the American History museum and saw Julia's kitchen (see masthead), a very cool exhibit of First Ladies' gowns (I appreciate Barbara Bush more now that I see she was the only woman who was built anywhere near like a grown-up), and a whole room about Abraham Lincoln.  THAT was neat.  The older I get the more I appreciate archival stuff.  I could've hung out in this room for an hour or more, just reading.  But The Girl was 
Blisters had made their appearance known.  And that was totally okay with me.  I think I enjoyed just being with her somewhere other than at home as much as I enjoyed touring DC.
Pictures not taken:
  • Guy with health reform protest sign that read "Comrad Pelosi"...blahblahblahDude, if you're going to take the time to come down to Washington and protest, make sure you know how to spell what you're so passionate about.
  • Pedicab guy peddling his skinny legs off with me in the back.  I paid him $20 to go 10 blocks and to never speak of it again.
  • Me, sleeping almost all the way down and back, occasionally waking myself up by either a) snoring, b) farting or c) making the HUH! sound I make when I'm falling asleep.  Thanks, M, for not taking pictures.  And I'm deeply sorry.


Pulp Revolution said...

Sounds like fun.
Did the Girl wear socks???
I think that sculpture, or a part of it was on the roof of the Met last year. I wanted to see it, but there was just to much other stuff to see in NYC.
Hope the blisters have healed.

Pulp Revolution said...

You'll have to take my comment as Dave. I'm not signing out now.....

jen said...

Hi Dave!

jen said...


Jud said...

What I love about Julia's kitchen is that it is so down to earth and friendly and unpretentious. A kitchen to cook in and have some wine in and read the paper in. Not a glistening hard surfaced palace that is never properly used.
Go Julia (Smith '34!!)


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