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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm hearing everyone say lately how FAST the summer's gone. How they can't BELIEVE that it's over. WHERE DID THE TIME GO??? As for me, good riddance to the suckiest suckfest ever.

It was an ENDLESS summer. And not in that breezy, we're having the time of our lives kind of way. I would've loved to enjoy the fact that my husband was home for once. It would've been so nice to take day trips and to be together. It would've been great, if not for the fact that little things such as how will we afford health insurance? and that old chestnut, which bill will have to wait to be paid?

Instead, we lived in the Sad House all summer. Television watching, video game playing and sleeping have been the "activities" we've engaged in. Sure, there are loads of $$-free things we could've done like gardening, little maintenance projects around the house, etc. Lord knows we have plenty of screws, nails, and paint to get stuff done but neither HH nor I could scrape our butts off the couch to do it. A 'why bother' gloom passed over us and we spent time instead on separate couches, reading or watching stupid tv.

I know, waah, as this guy likes to say when someone whines. I know we're lucky by a LOT of people's judgement. I KNOW. But it still doesn't make either of us feel less worried. I've been lucky enough to have started my grad assistantship at KU. The time away from home has been wonderful. I'm busy doing fun stuff, I'm meeting people, I'm doing something. I forget about everything until it's time to come home. And I feel terrible about this but sometimes I'd rather stay at work a few more hours.

Okay. Enough. This post wasn't funny, it wasn't fun to write OR read, and I have to know that good things are right around the corner. Everyone says when one door closes, another opens.

me, with a new attitude

Here's hoping it doesn't slam in our faces.


mamacita said...

I just got around to reading your post (I'm way behind). My husband was laid off in July, but we were still in that honeymoon phase where he wasn't working but got a few weeks off with pay. Unfortunately that came to an end last week, and now it's time for Sucktown. But it is pretty sweet having him at home a lot.

Keep scratching those Lotto tickets, hon. What was your big decision that led to the silver lining?

jen said...

Severance pay would've made a HUGE difference but alas, there was none. Hence, the Suckfest.

I went back to college after 16 years as a chef!! I'm getting a masters degree in higher education administration. Working at a sorority made me want to be with The Young People. I got a grad assistantship (pays for tuition--yippee!) that has me working in the Student Involvement office. I get to plan fun events! How could that be bad?

Good luck with your situation. All we can do is keep positive even when the shitty fan seems endless.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the honesty! It's ok not to be funny everytime and boy can I relate to your summer! A good read.


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