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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week Two

Geez, Jill, I'm TRYING!


Anonymous said...

So how much have you lost? Any poundage? Do you look like Jillian yet?

jen said...


I'm pretty sure no poundage lost. But I feel good. That's the point right? Right? RIGHT???!!!!

Sugar Mama said...

LOL! I saw your comment on Meg's blog. I'm doing the dvd also; starting week 2 today and I'm really nervous! I'm thinking I should do week 1 for another week. I haven't been able to complete the week one workout all the way through. Hang in there!

jen said...

Oh, sugar mama. Wait until week 2! I haven't gotten through it yet!!

Lauren said...

Jen. I have been cracking up about your Jillian posts. Your humor is AWESOME!

I have decided to try daily sit ups and push ups whenever the baby is play and I "have the chance". In my head they seem so very simple. No problem.

Gravity has the last laugh ever time!


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