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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Very Quick True Story

One weekend a loooong time ago, before cell phones and facebook and blogs,  HH and I were house-sitting for his sister in NYC.  After an evening out we went to bed.  HH went to sleep and I stayed up watching a naked talk show or something on channel J.  Remember Channel J??  This was before we had 10000 channels, people.  Channel J was exotic.

Anyway, I'm watching, slightly embarrassed about HH waking up and catching me when suddenly he sits straight up in bed, looks at me with a huge smile on his face and exclaims

"I feel like a pair of 
freshly-painted airplane wings!"

The man was still asleep.  I know because I asked him if he was and he said "Uh-huh!" with the same glee in his voice.  

After I told him to go back to sleep he did.  Simple as that.  I sat there wishing we weren't alone and wishing it wasn't 3 am so I could call someone to tell them.

HH woke up the next morning with no memory of having said anything but feeling strangely refreshed.

Dreams are weird.


Sarndra said...

Lol first laugh I've had today, thanks Jen :-D
I came to respond to your question about the cake tray stand on my blog post about organising kitchens. cant find them anymore- but am stil trying. sometimes these stores rotate products in and out, so they may surface again one day.
this is what i wrote after your comment (in case u havent been back, i was late to respond :-))

Hi Jen,
I've been looking in Howard's storage world website for the cake tin holders but I cant find them anymore. Perhaps they no longer stock them. I will have a look next time I'm in the store. But I would ask at an organising shop if they have cake tin/ platters/ oven tray stands with a grip base. These ones in my photo have 6 sections. Good luck- I hope you find them.

I like your blog! i'll be back :>

jen said...

Thanks, Sarndra! I'm sure I can find them somewhere here---I just never thought of using something like that for anything but pot lids so thanks for the idea! I've already bookmarked your blog so I will be back (and to your MIL's!).


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