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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Greetings from overcast, sunny, humid, cool, beautiful Vermont.  It's a complex state and I love it. I've always loved New England.  Although, truth be told,  I'm not known for being objective--I tend to want to move to every place I've ever vacationed and Vermont is no exception.

Quechee Gorge

However, I think that this vacation is especially sweet because we've waited so long for it.  Three years without a vacation may not sound like so much to loads of hard working people who are just happy to make enough money to pay the bills but because of The Economy (for a word with seven letters, it sure feels like a 4-letter one), these past three years have been a real challenge.

Only The Girl thought to bring her bathing suit

HH has always worked hard.  He's always worked like every job was the most important one he's ever had.  Getting laid off twice from two separate jobs in the past two summers has sucked way more than I could have imagined.  Like many men, he took it personally, and I think, measured his personal worth by it.  Which isn't fair at all.

The Boy, more animated than usual!

HH has also always lived by the clock.  It takes a looooooong time for him to relax.  He's always looking at what time it is to measure how long he has at a certain task until he gets to the next one. And that includes when he's having fun!  So this vacation has been a real gift.  Time to spend with his kids.  Time to take pictures.  Time to just be.


I want to thank HH right here for making it possible.  He works so hard and all I can do (until I graduate and get a JOB) is try to make the off times good for him.

Homemade root beer, black cherry soda, and eggs from their own chickens.  We recommend the Chelsea Royal Diner in West Brattleboro.  So does Road Food.

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