the gregarious homebody

Saturday, December 31, 2011

10 Wishes for 2012

Let's not call them resolutions because then there's so much pressure. 
    1. See a friend find her feet again
    2. Graduate with a 3.9 cum GPA (I can't help it, I'm a dork) 
    3. Crack The Boy's teenage veneer to get to know the new him better
    4. Not react (negatively/personally) when The Girl is being 13
    5. Hold HH's hand more
    6. Get a better grip on a few things
    7. Get a new job career
    8. More patience for #'s 3 and 4
    9. More patience in general
    10. Health, happiness and all the rest for all I love


    Robyn Apgar said...

    Hopefully I can help with #7 ;)

    jen said...



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