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Monday, August 10, 2009

Just What The Master Ordered

Sometimes there's nothing more comforting than hanging out with someone who's known you since you had an unfortunate 80's haircut and been there through the thick and the thin of post-adolescent growing up. Someone who really knows when you're sad, when you're happy and when you're just full ofcrap. An old friend.

So the kids and I hauled my ass off the couch and drove to Connecticut last weekend. As you know, things are tight around here, sphincter and money-wise, so a "real" vacation was not going to happen. "Come," said my friend. "All you need is to bake a batch of homemade cookies. That's your payment for a weekend at the beach." Luckily HH is wonderful and gave me the thumb's-up to spend the gas money on a mini break.

5 hours later (holy shit 95 sucks), we arrived in the beautiful hamlet of Old Saybrook, greeted by enthusiastic pseudo-cousins (for M and S) and a large freshly-made Mojito (for me). Kids playing, college roommates yakking, Mojito-swilling. Nice.

They were seriously the best Mojitos I've ever had so I made Jen make me another on the next night so I could photograph it and study her technique. She is The Mojito Master.

Follow along, grasshopper, and you too can be a Master.

This here is Everything You Need to make a boss Mojito. No fancy muddlers here; just a handy-dandy tart shaper ala The Pampered Chef (bought from me, we think, back in the day when I tried being a salesperson. And then ran out of friends.).

Step one: rip up some fresh mint (preferably from your own garden unless your dog pees on it) and muddle the shit out of it. This releases the aromatic and tasty oils. Oh, sweet release....Then add some slices of lime to it and muddle it again.

Add a jigger (or a shot--are they the same?) of rum. Jen and I are relatively cheap dates so we only use one shot for a rather large glass. All my alcoholic friends (you know who you are, Judy, Ann...) can add more if you like.

Next add a shot/jigger of simple syrup. DON'T PURCHASE IT IN THE MIXER SECTION of the supermarket because it's stupid easy to make. In fact, we ran out of it from the batch that Jen made the night before (equal parts sugar and water, simmered on the stove until dissolved and syrupy) so she made a mug-ful in the microwave. Genius!

Anyway, add a shot of it to the glass.

This next step is what makes this The Best Mojito, in my opinion. And it's my blog so I don't care if you disagree. Traditional recipes call for club soda but I haaaaaate club soda but can abide it in a Mojito. But Jen makes it with lime seltzer which I LOVE. SO there you go.

Now add a bunch of ice and stir. Squeeze just a wee bit more lime juice on top and...



Judy, who loves alcohol said...

That looks absolutely delicious! A lovely summer drink!

Next year I'm going to grow real mint, not just the weedy stuff that's everywhere.

Remind me of this resolution, would you?? Because I'll forget

jen said...

IT was really really refreshing with just the right amount of buzz.

My mint I grew in a pot is doing well. I'll remind you next year.

drollgirl said...

GLUG GLUG~ this looks so good, and SO EASY, TOO!!

Mellz said...

i'll be trying this!

Paula said...

Oh, I can hardly wait to get home and test drive this. I tried making it once and it sucked so I just bought some limeade, added rum and mint.....good, but then anything with RUM in it isn't all bad.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sure the art will be there when the "E" word is over.......the "E" word isn't particularly good for the art world either.

That Corey is quite the gal and my life would be incomplete without her.

schwartz said...

anyone who teaches me to make drinks is my new best friend.


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