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Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's On, Baby!

Remove Formatting from selection how cute is THIS? Just an idea...

Happily, I got a GREAT response for the Winter
Gastronomy Swap
, despite it's ridonkulous name. Yay!

::I do have one swapper who is all on her lonesome
because I don't have an even number. SO, first one to comment and say they'll
Now let's keep the good vibes going and go over The Rules one more time, swappers.

1) Email your swapee and get the 411 on them (mailing address? food allergies? bad childhood experience with plaid....whatever. You get the idea).

2) SHOP/CREATE! Remember: we all know it's better to give than to receive, blahblahblah, but make sure you give like YOU would like to receive. In other words, don't skimp out. $25 should be spent.

3) Remember that since this a food swap, all items should be FOOD or FOOD-RELATED. It's totally cool to have stuff for pooches included but remember that you are sending something to the humans too. Otherwise this would be a Pet Food Swap and I'd have to come up with another stupid name.

4) Package it up cute and SEND IT OUT by no later than Monday, January 11. I can feel the utter lack of douchiness from all of your comments so I KNOW no one's going to wuss out and drop the ball here. Because you VOLUNTEERED to do this. Because it is FUN.

Laura and I will praise you to high heavens if you do the right thing and talk shit about you if you don't.


If you need some ideas of what a nice swap looks like and aren't familiar with Laura's blog, click on THIS.

THIS is cute too! And you get to keep it for yourself
instead of giving it for *RamaHanuKwanzMas!

SO, here are the partners **(and I'll be emailing you with each other's e-ddresses):

  • Laura and Slack

  • Tracy and Lynn

  • Tracy and Doreen

  • Jenni and Bev

  • Jodi and Katy

  • Jen and Stephanie

  • Amanda and Kellie

  • Michele and The Perfect Details

  • Moi and Mamacita

  • So have fun! And don't forget one more thing--when you do get your package, please take pictures. It's fun to see what everyone got and I would be more than happy to post them here!

    Happy Swapping!!

    *I just think this is funny. No political crap here, people.

    **EDITED TO ADD: I'll be getting out your emails by Wednesday. Sick in bed today. YUCK.


    Patricia said...

    SO happy to see you posting again because I was checking in and missed you! I would participate but as you know, it's been a year plus of suck in my house and now with pinched nerve etc. I'm not even baking for XMas (so you KNOW it's bad!) I'm eating, drinking and doing PT for the winter instead. Hopefully by the next swap I can get in on it. Glad all is moving forward for you guys. XO Patti

    jen said...

    WHAT??? No baking???? Shall I ask your doctor to IV you some love?? Sending XOXOOXOXOXO your way...

    Morta Di Fame said...

    Am I the loser without a partner?

    Anonymous said...

    I'd love to do it!


    adozeneggs said...

    Ooo, I think Kim and Morta Di Fame would be great partners!!
    If you need another I'd be more than happy to take a second partner.
    I've got nothin' but time......
    Kidding. Seriously, I'd be psyched!!

    adozeneggs said...

    Hey I think you might be missing Yvette too??

    adozeneggs said...

    My bad, she must have opted out. I thought I saw her signed up.
    Don't mind me. I'm just waiting for the nyquil to set in.

    Morta Di Fame said...

    Thanks A Dozen Eggs! For next time, the last person to comment should be the odd one out if there's an odd one out. That just seems fair. Happy to be in it again. And I don't have dogs and don't want to share with one if I had one! LOL! I am super-pumped!

    jen said...

    Morta, you're the first Jen! The last person to comment was going to be the one without a partner. Of course you're in!!! Geez! Rough crowd! ;o)

    Kim--you and CM are partners. Thanks for stepping up.

    I'll be sending emails your way tonight because I'm feeling much better!!

    QOTP said...

    I didn't opt out at all! I never got an email and with a crazy busy Thanksgiving and work week, I didn't get to review all my blogs until now :( If you need another swap person, I'm here! Just let me know!

    jen said...

    Sorry Queen! If this one goes well I'll do a spring one so check back in now and then.

    amy said...



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