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Thursday, July 8, 2010

At our house we encourage rough play.

We like to start out each Father's Day by filling his arteries
with bacon fat and butter.

Krispie Treats with {blue stars and green clovers} (etc.) 
and the

As Judy said, "Adorable, but I feel as though I can smell them from here."

Impressed.  And exhausted just watching.

Yes, I've taken two pictures of meat.  I'm a simple girl.
I love stockin' up.

4th of July tradition


Patricia said...

who's black dog is that in the pic and what's the cherry pie-like thingy - the {tradition} link got me to a dead end :-(

jen said...

Weird! When I test the link in editing it works but when it's published it's broken. Oh well---the tradition is sour cherry pie that I make every year. This year's recipe came from

We were dog-sitting for a neighbor. Meet Hondo Burger!


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