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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mr. Romance Gets a Bug

 Not my son...although IT COULD BE

 After walking around like a snot factory for a few days, with a fever for a few more days, and then finally saying that it hurt to eat. HH took [the boy (aka, Mr. Romance)] to the doctor today.  He has [MONO]!!  Now, when I was a teenager (I can hear a collective snoring of all present teenagers when I say this), mono was commonly called [The Kissing Disease] and that,combined with the fact that people I "knew" who had it stayed home from school for months, made me want to get this disease.  It was a disease that CAME FROM KISSING and made you MISS SCHOOL.  How much better does it get than that?

Well, while it's possible that the boy could have contracted this virus from kissing--because in addition to being King of the Video Game Nerds, he also also a stud (shiver)--it turns out that not only is the kissing thing a fallacy, but there also is no reason to quarantine anyone with the virus past 48 hours of being on an antibiotic (which I thought wasn't any help for a virus, but whatever).  How long someone stays home and away from society convalescing is dependent on (shocking!) how crappy or noncrappy they feel.  

So, hopefully for everyone concerned (a bored 14 year old is NOT FUN FOR ANYONE), he will be feeling better by Monday and ready to hang with his nerdy buds and plot his next girlfriend move.

This, my friends, is not just a public service announcement about The Truth About Mono, helpful as it surely is.  This is actually the chance to show you THIS...(click my cool new "read more" widget)

Also not my son.  But it REALLY could be.

Seriously, HOW GROSS IS THAT???!!!

I am usually a huge fan of pus and other gnarly bodily nastiness but WOW.  And it explains why his voice sound like he's speaking through a wet towel in his throat.  This photo came from some haphazard googling and I advice you not to look for this yourself because THIS is not as gross as other photos of a mono throat I found.  

And I'm someone who enjoys a [good hairy tumor]

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