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Monday, December 13, 2010

Before and After

I'm totally copying {Design*Sponge} because I'm so proud that I got something done around the house.
BEFORE (duh)


Credenza from {here}, painted with Martha paint in {Cornbread}, then distressed with sandpaper and finished with {Butcher's Wax}.  Total cost: $65.97.  Woo-hoo!


adozeneggs said...

Wicked awesome job!! (see, I AM from MA)
I particularly like the cat, is that Ginger?
anyway, I can't do any home project on my own. You're da bomb. or maybe DABA.

jen said...

Why thank you. That is not the pee-er. That is Rosie Who Never Does Anything Wrong and Is In Fact Boring But Cute

adozeneggs said...

ouch. a pee-er?? that sucks.
Well, she looks nice on the new piece.

adozeneggs said...

yeah, I just re-read. Rosie is not the pee-er. Sorry Rosie.

jen said...

We now have Ginger on Prozac. Weirdly, it's supposed to help with peeing. It's her last chance.

adozeneggs said...

Well, I hope it works.


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