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Friday, July 8, 2011


The garden is starting to get that bursting-at-the-seams look that can excite and bewilder.  Everything's growing exponentially because of a recent rain after some good hot days.  The weeds too, unfortunately.  But ever since I realized Square Foot Gardening was the way to go (thanks, Mommy), weeding isn't too bad.  

Understand that I am a fair-weather gardener; I sweat just standing still so if it's really hot, there's no way I'm spending any real time Out There.  I have five 4x4' boxes and I can weed all 80 square feet (math!) in about 20 minutes.  Even I can deal with that.  Not that I'm going to today because, hello! It's H-U-M-I-D out there which is worse than hot.  Wet underwear weather, people. 

(too much?)

HOWEVER,  I did spend 3 minutes picking today.  Here's what I picked:

What's more than a bunch?  That would be a shit ton.
Woo-hoo!!  This is the very best part of vegetable gardening, apart from the eating.  Is there nothing more miraculous than planting an itty-bitty-teeny-weeny seed (and carrot seeds are even smaller than that) and getting something this big THAT YOU CAN EAT?

I know!!

And I haven't always had the best luck with carrots so this is even more exciting.  Here are some more pictures of the beauties.

Small, Medium, and LARGE!

Here at Topp-Down Organic Farm, we specialize in Saucy Mutant-Limbed Carrots!

And more demure mutant-limbed ones (who might have to go to the bathroom)
And sea creatures!
And there are still pretty many carrots still out there growing in the garden!! How will I ever be able to use this many?  HOW??!!

SERIOUSLY??  Is that ALL??  Let's break it down:  $2.50 in seeds to wait 2 months to grow the amount of organic carrots I usually spend $3 on at the grocery store?!  

Clearly, not a bargain.  (And how do carrot farmers make ANY money?)

SO MANY CARROTS!  not really.

However, I'm also clearly not just in it for the cheap.  I love the planning, the watching-it-grow, and the harvesting.  It's psychically satisfying.  And I know I'll be really really happy when the tomatoes ripen and I'm no longer spending $2 on one decent tomato.  

Tomatoes are a bargain.

And lots of ...compost material!  Even Rosie looks perplexed.

 What's on the horizon for this garden:

Potatoes are located in that ka-lassy tire back there.  Check out this space-saving technique!
Tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, more arugula, more chard (and more chard, and more chard), basil, lemon thyme, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, canteloupe, pumpkins, blueberries, sunflowers, asparagus (in 3 years), potatoes, lettuce, acorn squash, and more carrots!  

And that's just this summer!  I'm determined to try my hand at some carpentry with a cold frame from old windows to grow some winter greens, beets and broccoli.

Until then, I'll be making carrot salad, arugula topped pizza, artichoke and chard dip, and many many platters of caprese salad.  And more things topped with chard.  And arugula.  And chard.  You get the picture.


Jordan@the2seasons said...

At least you have some carrots in your garden. I am hoping to get my act together and plant stuff next year. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Oh and I love the picture of the dog on your banner. Just love it!

FinnyKnits said...

Yay for carrots that look like they're humping! And also that you're growing tire potatoes, too.


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