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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Planning Our Route

I decided to invest in a guidebook my friend Judy has been using successfully for years. 

I am so happy.  

Our vacation isn't until August but I am READY.  And now that I have this guidebook I'm ready to go even more.

Why, you ask?  Because said book offers all the great places to soak up the history of our forefathers and mothers that is New England?  Because it divulges the places to get the best deals for antiques and folk art?


Because THIS guidebook tells me where to get the best of these:

From Dottie's Diner in Woodbury, CT

or the best of THIS:

From the 52nd Annual Hillbilly Day in Mountain Rest, SC

Or, for all things that are holy, THIS!

Belt's Soft Serve in Stevens Point, WI

Try as I might to wish myself a different person sometimes, food and the enjoyment of food is a big part of me (ha. ha. ha.  Insert self-effacing joke here).  I truly believe that food, the preparation of it, the serving of it, and the enjoyment of it has huge anthropological import.  Really!  If you look at our blended society, for example, one of the things people cling to is their culture's food. And what's more satisfying than *ahem* learning about a local culture by eating its food?

And, clearly, I'm no food snob.  My favorite place is a Mom-and-Pop place.  There's love (or something) in that food.  It's real.  It's friendly.  And,it doesn't waste effort being fancy.  

So, I will let Jan and Michael Stern be my guides and just make sure I do lots of hiking to balance it all out.  Here they are now---and don't they just look like fun?!

 And, much as I would love to have their life--Steve and I would be great at it and he would be able to talk to strangers for a living---me thinks the picture above foretells the tale of the inequity of life that would most definitely be my fate.  

Damn men and their metabolism.

All photos from the Roadfood blog


adozeneggs said...

Hey, that looks like Dave and me. That man eats hot dogs and pasta and all things bad, and he is thin as can be....
Me, not so much.
And you'd better bring some of those doughnuts if your stopping in Woodbury CT.
(that's not on your way is it??)
Couldn't agree more on your food "philosophy" BTW!!

Judy said...

One of the nicest things about this book is that it will take you to dear little towns you'd never think to go to. I recommend, for example, Walpole NH. Nice town and wonderful chocolate.

Tori @ The Shiksa in the Kitchen said...

Holy moly! That ice cream cone... WOW. I love the Mom-and-Pop places best, too. Just put Roadfood on my Amazon wishlist. What an awesome way to travel! :)

BTW, is that your chocolate lab on your home page?? He/she is gorgeous! My husband and I have a white lab, he's one of the best things that ever happened to us.

jen said...

Yep. That is Muttel McGregor, our Scottish Jewish Lab. He's as sweet as he is dumb.


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