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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm a Joiner

I've stumbled across this cool baking blog and decided to join the Daring Bakers! I will now have an official REASON to bake. Each month a "challenge" is posted to all the Bakers in the form of one recipe that we all make. Then we all post our results on the same exact day and give you all the wisdom of our experience (and your part of this is calorie-free!).

I miss testing recipes for the cookbook author I helped out. It was fun to be given an assignment and I often found something so mind-bogglingly delicious that I wouldn't have made without being told to. It's just plain old fun and I hope you check it out! My kids are going to be soooo happy that, for once, I'm making something for them.


jozette said...

Yes! I was gonna say (before I read your last sentence), I'm sure your family will enjoy the benefits of your joining!!

The Handsome Husband said...

Can't wait to sample the goods!!


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