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Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm feeling an urge to rant. Please, join me if you like by commenting on your own list of...

Things that make me HOMICIDAL

  1. People who have an opinion about things which have no affect on their own life. Everyone knows people who belong to this group. Maybe it's something "political" like becoming hysterical about the idea of two loving people who are the same sex and hey, by the way, are not them, getting married. This baffles me. How could something like that make their world rock? Or maybe it's something benign like they think someone wanting to have two dogs is odd.
  2. People with no sense of humor. Sure, they think they have one, but in reality fail to see the humor and absurdity of life. LIFE IS SERIOUS, people. This is no time for funnin'.
  3. People who orate. Now, I know it's considered rude by some to interrupt someone when they are speaking, but I think it's also rude to steal the stage, thereby dominating the conversation. And it is supposed to be a conversation, isn't it?
  4. People who mask controlling behavior by calling it "caretaking." Do they really really want to help or is it that they actually think you have no fucking idea how to do anything "correctly" (aka THEIR WAY).

THANKS. I feel much better. Now I think my yin is crying out for some yang, so here is a kinder, gentler list:

Things that make me feel Happy I have This Life

  1. Receiving a totally unsolicited hug or kiss from my kids. Those of you with little ones probably can't imagine a day when a spontaneous hug or kiss is rare. You may, in fact, sometimes find it aggravating when they cling and the hug lasts FOREVER or they grab your face and kiss-kiss-kiss-kiss you. Savor every annoying moment. Someday he will be 12 years old. Someday she will think you're dumb.
  2. Seeing and talking with my friends who interrupt me constantly when I talk and laugh at my foibles. My friends love to talk and to laugh and to laugh at themselves AND me. People who don't get how great this is are missing something. Sometimes my stomach hurts I laugh so much. I love that.
  3. Seeing the man in my life who had to be taught to hug hold his daughter's hand while they watch tv. Nothing, NOTHING is sexier or more smile-provoking than seeing a man be a good dad.
  4. Being married to a man who thinks I rock. Even when I say things like "Okay. Get it over with." That, my friends, is love.


Judy said...

Hmm. I wonder what brought this on?

jen said...

HA! What indeed?


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