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Friday, July 18, 2008


Goodbye to the sweetiest, most neurotic and loving dog a girl could have. I wonder if anyone will ever love me as much as she did.


jozette said...

oh no! noooooooooooooooooooooooo.

are you okay?

jen said...

Thanks for asking. Yeah. We knew the time was coming and luckily, we have a one year old lab at home to give us all the kisses we need. I did, however, cry my eyes out. But listen to this: my husband's bosses (they're twins) are very...uh...detached as far as human emotion goes, but one of them told him to go home from work to be with me. I thought that was cool.

knitfrique said...

I'm so sorry. You were getting ready for this awhile ago, but I know it still hurts. I hope the kids are taking it ok. Really wierd timing, though. I had to take Thor Bunny to the vet this a.m. b/c of weepy eyes and severe lethargy that came on out of nowhere. The vet said "give him antibiotics and force feed him." I did and he was dead by 5 p.m. The day before we leave for vacation. How shitty is that? So, I can totally commiserate, even though we only had him for 2 yrs. I feel so guilty, like, somehow I should have known he had some internal, terminal thing going on. Poor little guy! Poor Molly! Poor Us!

ambika said...

Oh man, I saw the pic and was going to comment on how cute this is--and it takes a fantastic dog to patiently wear things on their head like this. Then the caption--I am *so* sorry. I know my mom had to take a day off when she lost her last dog and thank God they were understanding about it.

Margie said...

Margie, David, Jeffrey, Matty & Bailey are very sorry to hear about cousin Molly.

jen said...

Thanks, everyone! Our other dog Muttel seems to be feeling it the most. He has a ritual of coming in from his (their) after dinner walk and going over to Molly's dish to lick it (he's an optimist). Last night he came in, went over, and actually looked around for it. Sadly, he decided to lick his dish instead.

Nan said...

With tears in my eyes, I write to say how sorry I am. What a dear, dear face, and the kindest eyes.

adozeneggs said...

I know this is an old post, but I lost my Lucy in July this year too. She was a black lab and the sweetest dog.
We've had our new puppy for two months now and while I miss Lucy, the house is less empty.
I'm so sorry for your loss.


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