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Friday, December 5, 2008

More Honey and Dash of Chocolate

It's hard to tell how tiny she is here.

This one is definitely being made into a 5X7, possibly in black and white.

Poor Gibson. What this picture doesn't show is my hands clutching him to make him stay still and his claws digging into the comforter.

Snuggling on the "coma bed"

BA (Before Annie), Muttel dressed for Halloween as a sushi chef

I am soooo going to be one of those crazy dog ladies when my kids move out (going to be??).


adozeneggs said...
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adozeneggs said...

What a dope, "like the Honey" should have proof read before pressing enter!!
Have a great weekend!

Regardez Moi said...

OH MY GODDDDDDDD. That second picture. I just can't even stand it. She is SO cute. All of them. I'd be freaking out all day if I lived at your house. Is she naughty at all?

jen said...
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adozeneggs said...

Thanks Jen!!
And thanks for mentioning that Lily looks part Basenji. I'm quite sure she is! After I googled some Basenji images and read about the breed I made the connections. Good call, she's a Basenji, Yellow Lab mix. We bought/rescued her thinking she was part Lab.
Honey and all the other animals are as cute as ever. Keep posting pics!!


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