the gregarious homebody

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

While I cream the eggs and sugar, this face is staring up at me:


The Handsome Husband said...

Both blondes are extremely cute!

Judy said...

There's nothing like a baby.

adozeneggs said...

She's adorable!!! When I'm cooking, I put Lily's bed in the kitchen so she can watch from her bed, not under my feet!

adozeneggs said...

Hope you are having a Happy Hanukkah!
I made the whole Buche on Tuesday, including the mushrooms. (actually made 2 and a pumpkin cheesecake) I usually add some sugared rosemary twigs, but didn't have time to make them. And, yes I did sleep!
FYI, I'm going to email you some LG cookie things, (some inside scoop that I'd like your opinion on)

jen said...

LOVE the inside scoop....and Lily's picture on your profile!


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