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Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to Bar Mitzvah on a Budget: PART ONE

This economic crisis has made everyone shaky. We're not unique in trying to save money in general let alone for a major family celebration. The difference between the every day and the celebration budgetting is that I like throwing this party on the cheap. If I won the lottery perhaps I would do some things differently, but honestly, probably not too much. It's so personal this way and relaxed, like us.

1. Be a chef:: it certainly helps to be able to order food wholesale and then to cook it yourself with a little help from your friends

2. Invitations:: design your own based on fancy-schmancy ones you found online and get a stay-at-home/graphic designer to recreate them and then be lucky enough to have found new bloggy friends who are both generous and awesome who will set you up with a printer.

3. Be a regular shopper at The Dollar Tree and IKEA:: decorations and cool cactus margarita glasses for $1 each, pots for centerpieces $2 each

4. Have a friend with a tent business:: where the words "for friends and family we charge..." are sweet words indeed

5. Know a great photographer:: who loves to take pictures even though she's really a school teacher (knowing that one of your best friends has used her almost exclusively for all her kids' pictures since they were babies)


skippinginthemeadow said...

Your blog is full of beauty and humour ~ I love it!

jen said...

Why THANK YOU! I really really appreciate that. Please keep reading!

Bea said...

I love this post, Jen... and the love from family and friends :)

jen said...

Thanks, Bea!!


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