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Friday, March 6, 2009

My Girl

...longs for her own home in the middle of trees with animals and privacy.

...likes to talk for the animals and always has them call me Mama.

Mom and girl time at a local tea shop

...told me that of course I can live where she does when she grows up. In fact, I can live in her mansion.

...isn't sure what she wants to be when she grows up but wanted to know if bartending was okay. not always sweet or kind or loving but is always interesting.

we both love to watch the cream swirl

...has a deadly sense of humor. not a morning person.

...marches to her own drummer.

...could not only survive forever on a desert island but also be fully accessorized within the first half hour.

...loves to sing.

...still lets me hold her hand as long as she's the one who makes the first move.

...still likes me even though I embarrass her sometimes.


Bea said...

Your girl is wonderful, Jen! :)

jen said...

Yes she is!

Patricia said...

Awesome post! And every bit of it was true - she is a wonder of unique qualities. I was getting teary reading it - can you tell I'm totally hormonal and ready to try and procreate?

jen said...

I would love nothing more than if you got your own girl to give you a run for your money.

drollgirl said...

WHAT AN AWESOME DAUGHTER!!! bet she takes after her mama!!!

adozeneggs said...

Love pics of your kids! She looks like a she's hamming it up in the last picture.
You thought I was dissing YOU on fb?? well I sent you an email and thought you were dissing ME!!
Anywho, I'm the Laura Courtemanche in MT Holly VT, the photo is of Dave an me in 1994 when we were beautiful!!

jen said...

Oh!!! I didn't get a confirmation or whatever on fb. Totally kidding about dissing!!

Anonymous said...


sallymandy said...

Oh, sweet. She's a dear, and right now I'm feeling again that once we're a mother to anyone, we're a mother to everyone. I have a 12-year old daughter, and that makes all the difference as I read your post. Thank you.


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