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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh Natalie Dee, How I Love Thee


adozeneggs said...

Makes me think of this salad I used to get at the Cheesecake Factory.
Fried chicken salad.

jen said...

My nephew gets salad in Pittsburgh with french fries on top. Genius.

adozeneggs said...

Now just add sweet potato fries and onion strings and you'll have the perfectly balanced meal!!
PS only cuz I'm listening now, what happened to Chrissy on Whatever??? She was fired??

adozeneggs said...

OH and just so you know, since yesterday I've had 22 clicks over to my blog from yours!
Word verification: warskini
wish I was war skinny, whatever that is!

jen said...

Sometimes I think I'm talking to myself or, at best, talking to you. Excellent! May the clickers order cookies!

Do you read Petunia Face? She had the funniest word verification yet "sented (sic) diahhrea". Yum.

Chrissy left them. And then they talked crap about her a LOT.


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