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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I thought it would be fun to take a break from worrying and photograph
some of my gardening efforts.
I'm no master at this but it makes me unbelievably happy to plant things
and then, holy crap, watch them actually GROW.

Let's take a look, shall we?

This bed came out so pretty, I think, and it was completely accidental.
It's shady but the previous owners had planted a huge mass black-eyed Susans which I love, but since the weeping cherry above it has grown,
it's even shadier so they're sort of dwindling.
In their place I've planted some hostas from my friend Ray, along with perilla from Judy.

I love the way the chartreusey hostas look with the purple perilla.

My favorite flower is the daisy. I love how happy they look
and the fact that they really do stay fresh for a long time.
We had daisies as the main flower at our wedding even though someone told me that
"daisies are not appropriate for a wedding."
It was the first time I ever asserted myself with this person when I said
"they are if it's my wedding,"

And I thank them for that.
We pause here for some good-natured barking. Hi Annie!

This is a really small allium I planted a couple years ago.
Every year i have to remind myself not to pull the thing that looks like wild onions in this spot because it's this allium.

Clearly, I'm not a genius.

Last week I was listening to Alexis and Jennifer
and Alexis was pontificating as she does about someone's dreadful landscaping,
complaining about all the "decorative grasses" that are "actually" weeds.
Really? Who cares 'cause I love them.

And I'm pretty sure Martha does too.

These are the only flowers in the world, practically, that I call by their latin name in my head
(and I think about flowers in my head a lot.
I know it's weird, but to me it's weirdly calming).
I can't remember the name of the variety
even though I think it's really special with that pompom in the middle.

Anyhoo, this here's an echinacea or a coneflower to you yahoos.

Behold, the "common" coneflower. It's not open yet but I love it like this.
I'm fascinated by how the petals unfurl.

Nature is cool.

Okay. You can see I like those echinacea/coneflowers, can't you. This time I DO remember the name of the variety though. This one's called Coconut Lime.

Now you know why I remember it.


This is my little herb patch, aka Murry McGlaughlin's urinal (yes, he's a dog).
We don't eat much of the herbs here (see previous sentence), but they sure look pretty.

This is sage, lavender, lamb's ears, parsley, chives, and a volunteer chamomile.

This is a patch of the retarded garden.
I planted this plant (no idea the name), not remembering that it flowered
(I liked the leaves)
and then for some reason I planted
every other yellow flower I've ever seen here too.

The flowers in the bed are pretty but it looks like
it was planted by
someone who had a head injury
could only see the color yellow.

This is one of my few annuals. I love this flower and don't know it's name.
It comes in a few different shades of purple and pink and I try to plant it every year in this pot with the alberta spruce and another annual I can't remember the name of that I love that's periwinkle blue and shaped like a little daisy.
Speaking of that mystery little periwinkle daisy, every year I go to Country Lawnscapes Nursery and say to the owner, "Do you have that little daisy that has *a name like an old English lady?"
She always knows what I mean and she at least waits until I leave
to talk about what a moron I am.

I love her.

Now we're moving out of the garden and back into the house to look at a few things that also make me smile. Candy. Lots of it.
And sweets from sweet people.
And the fact that these are all from a wonderful day we had with family and friends.
Forgive the crappy picture. The cap was adorable too. And DELICIOUS?
Oh yes, because some were left over and...lost...and subsequently found in my bed. Yeah...
Anyway, each kid got one of these babies to take home and we're so thankful
we had them to give.

Of all the things I did/made/bought for this bar mitzvah, these Zero bars are what made The Boy really happy.
Who knew this is what it would take to make the kid who never really gives a shit about anything except his video games and his friends and oh yeah, I guess his family (after his pets), actually get excited??
I did because I am an exceptional mother who heard him not mumble that they were his favorite one day when we were in Walmart.
So I bought 18 the next day.
And he smiled and hugged me.

Zero bars are now my favorite
Here's the whole arrangement before the onslaught.
My cousin's 7 year old kept saying "Can I have some now? Can I have some now? Can I have some NOW?" an hour and a half before everyone got there and we were setting up.
And because I am a wonderful person I said
"No way kid. Go chase yourself."

One last picture of sugary goodness. These bowls contain boxed (HORRORS!) cake batter that has been tinted Roy G. Biv (except for the indigo).
The finished and cut cake was as amazing-looking as the uncooked batter but
I didn't get a picture because by that time
I was half in the bag from bar mitzvah margaritas and good cheer.
It didn't taste as good as it looked but I'm a sucker for packaging.

*Holy crap, I just remembered the name! The adorable perwinkle daisy is called a Felicia! woo-hoo! Not that you care because it's not even, like, pictured here. I was just excited. Whatever.


African Kelli said...

pretty flowers and candy! This post is a visual buffet.

jen said...

Thanks, Kelli! That's high praise from you!!

adozeneggs said...

I don't know how I missed this onslaught of blog posts here. I swear I've checked every day since your last one.
The garden looks amazing. You'll laugh when you see my disaster of a yard. I must be super retarded because I didn't know the names of any of your flowers and I barely know the names of any in my yard. I do know that I had to snip some peonies because they were laying on the ground for a week because the flowers were so heavy. I feel a little less guilty now.
The bar mitzvah stuff looks great. Love the candy table, especially that glass apothecary jar. Must get one of those.
I'll forgive you for the cake mix, just don't do it again any time too soon.

Emily said...

Jen, your garden is amazing!!! Your treats are equally amazing- you're a talented woman.

Anonymous said...

okay, Emily is my daughter- it's Mary Bevevino leaving this and the previous message- for some reason the computer went to her log in by default?? I can't even work a freakin computer!

Mellz said...

mmmmmmmmmm zero bars! i love the rainbow batter :)


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