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Friday, December 25, 2009

And a Very Jewish Christmas to All!

Continuing our own traditions throughout the year is something that makes me feel good every single time.  Lighting the menorrah each Hanukkah and sending the kids on a treasure hunt for their gifts, baking up a batch of chocolate matzah buttercrunch for Passover, and making some form of fondue (even if it's clumpy) for New Year's Eve...all these traditions are looked forward to and taken for granted that they will happen by the kids and carried on with pleasure by me and HH. 

We've even got traditions for the big holiday we don't celebrate.  You know the one because right now YOU are probably knee-deep in it.  As for us, we've completed 4 of the 5 steps in our Jewish Christmas tradition.

  1.   Last night, on Jewish Christmas Eve, we went out to eat; usually, it is to a diner because everything else is usually too packed with Christmas-celebrators.  But this year we went to a new Mexican restaurant down the street and, I think, a new tradition may have been born.  Not to go this restaurant every year, but the tradition of Mom drinking a Christmas margarita!  It was worthy of carrying on for years to come!

  2. Then a horror movie was watched.  This year's Bio Zombie was deemed "boring" by The Girl.  Some traditions are not without sacrifice.

  3. Sleeping late today was a must.  No worries about getting up first to see the gifts under the tree. There are no gifts and the only tree is a ficus. 

  4. Another movie, this one at a theater.  Sherlock Holmes.  Brilliant!  It had almost all the elements I enjoy in a movie--fabulous scenery and costumes, snappy dialogue, smart and easy-on-the-eyes lead actors and the tease of a sequel.  *8 thumbs-up!

  5. And in a few minutes we'll leave for a Jewish Christmas dinner--for many years it was Chinese food in Chinatown.  But this year I was the only one who wanted to go so  we're going to the new Carnegie Deli located in our town's casino.  Classy!  My guess is we'll be the only actual Jews there but I'm looking forward to a 5-pound sandwich and some people-watching (I'm betting--get it?!-- on seeing a LOT of ugly Christmas sweater/wind suit combinations).  Ah, tradition...

*editted later: I was just reflecting on Robert Downey's performance and Jude Law's twinkly eyes while trying to fall asleep and I just remembered that one thing bothered me about the movie--watch carefully when you see it: all the magic/evil/witchcrafty stuff has HEBREW LETTERING on it!  WHY?  I must investigate.  If this is a "we hate the jews" subplot I will be so disappointed.  Not to mention upset that my Jewish Christmas was perhaps ruined.  OY.


mamacita said...

I'm sorry that you're missing out on all of my favorite Gentile traditions. Today I am 1)trying to find batteries in the most obscure sizes available lurking in the backs of drawers, because of course the stores are CLOSED; 2) finding out that I'm not missing anything by not having cable; and 3)switching to a mixture of more bourbon than egg nog.

There should be a law that people have to update their blogs on Christmas to amuse me. Yay for the Heebs!

jen said...

Yids rule!

jen said...

And I HIGHLY recommend the Christmas margarita, mamac.!


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