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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Summer shoes, {PB&J bread}, sparkly lights, a funny face, key lime marshmallows, {a fruity libation}, nature's beauty, and today's {ducky} breakfast.


mamacita said...

What color is on your toes? I need a shiny natural pink like that. Or are you even wearing polish?

jen said...

Oh my god my toes without polish would be frightening to say the least. The color is Pink Suede and the "brand" (if you can call it that--I buy the cheap crap, probably at walmart) is Petites.

Patricia said...

did you really have duck eggs for breakfast?

jen said...

Yep! I drive by a little farm every day on my way to work and I emailed the owner and she gave me a tour of the place and sold me eggs. It was like a field trip for grownups. I'm not kidding--I was on a high for the whole day. She has a ton of chickens and one duck. You can see the duck eggs in the shell in the pic with all the other eggs.

jen said...
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adozeneggs said...

Oh, so this is the new chicken obsession.
I just read about duck eggs over on Morta di Fame. She had them fried over sweet potato hash.
Not sure if I want to eat duck eggs, we have a very nice duck couple that swim in our pond......

jen said...

Why not? What's the difference? It seemed weird at first but they're just big chicken eggs. That being said, I would not suggest getting some from your couple. I would think they'd be fertilized. EW.

Oh, and it's not a new obsession, but a renewed one. My neighbor and I are taking on The Man to get it approved for our city.

adozeneggs said...

Maybe if I see some at the Farmer's Market I'll try them.
I always wanted a rooster when we lived in South Boston. But only so it would crow at sunrise and wake my annoying neighbors who were loud all night long.
And just so you know, I clicked on that link to the chicken pen and now everywhere I go on the interweb, that ad pops up! Even on Whatever!!
Good luck with your battle.
You can always keep your chickens here!!


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