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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Creative but not Original

I have often used the title of this post to describe myself because it's true.  I often pull off something totally creative that makes even me say "wow.  pretty nice." The thing is, 95% of the time, the idea behind the piece of creativity isn't mine.  I'm a fantastic copier.

So,in keeping with my own tradition, I'm jumping on the {365 photos} bandwagon.  I've looked at a lot of other {people's} and I thought that my {40th year}  was an appropriate one to chronicle.  I use {my camera} a lot (because it's FABULOUS.  Thanks, honey!) but this will "force" me to use it *every day.  I like the mundane--in fact, I often revel in it.  I think it'll be cool to look back and see what April 2 or Sept 4 looked like not because it was a special day but because all days are pretty awesome.

So, here's my first week's installment. The pictures themselves may not be a feat of photographic excellence.  They're just stuff that struck me that day, at that minute, as cool.  

Don't judge me.

*Because you are a genius, you probably noticed that I skipped a day.  The first week.  Yep.  
Oh well.


adozeneggs said...

what the hell happened on the 5th??

mamacita said...

This is going to be awesome.

jen said...

Sam's bike brakes failed. It was pretty ugly.

The Handsome Husband said...

Great photos!!

Jud said...

did you get those dutchman's britches from me? I have tons if you want more.


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