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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Too Busy to Picnik

Too much stuff going on 
(hello! 40 year old taking her first final exam in 18 years!!)
to {fancify} these pictures with dates.  

At least I took them!

{Handsome colleague} who always makes me smile, getting the day's picture in under the wire  (driving on a country road at almost midnight and taking pictures inside car not recommended), the aftermath of a clean house, {homemade vanilla extract} made with Ruth Parr's bourbon, flowers my mom loved that I can never remember the name of, awesome swap booty (thanks, {Yvette}!), and evidence of book learnin' (old school style)


mamacita said...

You were joking, right? The flowers are forget-me-nots.

jen said...

Hahahah...THAT would be funny. But they're not. They're something similar but named something else.

mamacita said...

Seriously! Check it out.

jen said...

Nope. Different leaves.

adozeneggs said...

Hey, nice swap stuff. Have you tried the dukkah? so good.
BTW, some dude just stopped by with some duck eggs.
I'm going to try em tonight!! Evidently his ducks are laying more eggs than he can handle. Is $4/dozen a good price??

Ruth Parr's daughter said...

Perilla? Borage is the common name. Really big leaves and tiny, intensely blue flowers?

I thought forget me nots at first too, but this is a bigger plant.

I have some but it hasn't spread as much as I would like.

Love the use of the bourbon! About all it's good for, IMHO. Actually, Daddy was the bourbon fan.

jen said...

No, it's not the perilla. Have you been drinking, Ms. Parr? The perilla is the big purple stuff.

Laura, $4 a dozen is a really good price. I made $2 for 4!

jen said...

OOps. I PAID $2 for 4. Apparently it doesn't matter if I haven't been drinking.

Judy said...

You're right, it's not perilla!! Can't believe I made that mistake. B something. I know borage is its common name.

The perilla is coming up. Did I tell you that Mom started with a single packet of seeds?

Caroline said...

Nice to see my mother in your blog post, Jen! You know the Latin name for perilla is Gottverdammte perilla. At least, according to my father (the bourbon drinker).


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