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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saw The Love Guru yesterday with the family. I'm apparently less concerned about PG-13 ratings with my daughter than I was with my son. Dick jokes just don't freak me out I guess. And it was approached in such a silly, nonsexual way, that I thought Who cares? Her brother's got one, her dad does. And, let's face it, they're funny!!

Anyhoo, we loved it. It was one of those movies where you laugh and laugh and just feel good. Stupid, sweet, visually appealing. Loved it. 4 thumbs up!

A key aspect of the movie that completely went over my kids' head was all the self-help stuff. Mike Meyers totally nailed Deepok Chopra's soothing voice and self-affirming bullet-points. It occurred to me later that anyone born after 1970 doesn't remember a time without this movement. We've become a nation of people who self-analyze, who try to improve, we look inside, while eating more junk and abusing drugs than ever before. And I'm no different. While I laughed my ass off about the silliness of it all, I couldn't help myself from thinking, 'Hmmm...he does have a point' while simultaneously realizing it's being made fun of and laughing at it myself.

And the real kicker is that after enjoying the movie and some Indian food afterwards, I got in my comfy reading chair and started reading my new book by Kathy Freston, 'Quantum Wellness', and I wasn't even being ironic.

The book has all the regular lines: Look inside, Act consciously, Exercise (and I'm already doing that!) blah blah blah, but I've got to say that if Heather Armstrong, who is probably one of the most delightfully cynical people in the blogosphere (I've ALWAYS wanted to use that word), thinks it might be valid, it's probably worth giving a whirl. I've recently gone on an antidepressant that's supposed to, in conjunction with my anxiety medicine, help me with my OCD issues with eating. So far, and I'm a month into it, all it's done for me is give me dry mouth and take away the Big O. And they call this an *anti*depressant!

So if there's a chance of me getting a handle on things through *detoxification* and a 21-day *cleanse*, why the hell not? I'm usually the first to say OH MY GOD COME ON, but I think I've reached some kind of tipping point. I want to look better. I want to feel better. Maybe giving up alcohol (easy), caffeine (easy), dairy (easy), gluten (uh-oh), sugar (!), and animal products (GASP!) for 3 weeks will help me get over some kind of hurtle and into a better place.

And eating 24 peanut butter-filled Hershey kisses, shockingly, hasn't worked so far.

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