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Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm not sure if my PMS is to blame, or if it's because I haven't had ANY SUGAR or ANIMAL PRODUCTS or GLUTEN all day, but I just boo-hooed my way through Once. I've had this movie from Netflix for a couple weeks, waiting for the right time when I was in *the mood* to watch it. I guess because it was an indie and I'd heard the *story surrounding the movie, I wasn't sure if it would be too indie for me. I mean, I went to a performing arts college and had enough weirdo avante garde stuff to last me a lifetime (never mind that I married a man who lives for that crap!). But I saw the two actors accept the Oscar for the song and they were so genuine that I thought it would probably be good.

Anyhoo, HH is away, kids were in bed and the 46' HD tv was ALL MINE. And it was lovely. The actors were sweet and funny and engaging (and the guy reminded me so much of younger Irisher Hugh Laurie which only added to the enjoyment). The story was simple and real. And the music. Wow. I don't purchase the music in my family, but tomorrow I'm going to our fab CD store (right there on the map!)and buying the soundtrack. It's that good. And even though I cried through most of the movie, it's because it's touching and uplifting. And just....just lovely. See it.

*if you've been under a rock or if you just have a life and don't know the story behind Once, here it is in a nutshell. It was filmed on a shoestring with the actors wearing their real clothes and those "actors" weren't even actors but just musicians who really wrote the music. They had almost no money for distribution but word of mouth carried it along. It ended up getting the Best Song Oscar AND to cap it all off, the two lead characters fell in love FOR REAL while filming the movie. You gotta love that.
**6/24/08-I bought the soundtrack--FABULOUS--and came home and googled Glen Hansard (guy in the movie). Turns out he was in a movie before and it was The Commitments! One of my favorites from my college years. I still wouldn't call him an Actor with a capital A. He's a musician who occasionally acts, I think. And thank goodness he grew into his eyes--check him out on . His character's name was Outspan Foster.


jozette said...

jen, i loved this movie!! it's so sweet and simple and just plain good. and the music is fantastic. glad you enjoyed :)

have you seen waitress?

jen said...

YES! And, being a professional pastry chef (ooo, don't I sound snobby?! Sorry!) and I lover of pie, I liked it a lot. I loved the doctor 'specially, but can you imagine getting it on with your gyno??


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