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Monday, August 4, 2008

My Ugly Stoop is *Famous*!

I have the dubious honor (*dubious* only because of the ugliness of my stoop) of having my stoop featured on Holly's fabulous blog Decor8 for today's Reader Question. I've been doing so much on the inside of my house but really want the front to reflect some kind of style. It's just so bleak. I've gotten some good ideas from comments but still wonder what color to paint the white walls on the porch (a warm taupe? something bolder?) and if I should (although one reader suggested it might look like I started to paint my whole house and didn't finish--a valid point which confuses me further!).

Anyhoo, take a gander at Decor8 and my stoop. If you're interested in home stuff, I guarantee you'll lose an hour on her blog, living your life vicariously in the beautiful (and not-yet-beautiful) places featured.


knitfrique said...

I'm thinking a Stoop Assessment Party. You provide some alcohol, to stimulate creativity, and you invite people who have some modest talent for this thing--such as landscaper/gardeners, painters, design types, eclectic folks w/a good sense of humor, etc. Everyone agrees not to criticize someone else's ideas, to have a good sense of humor about it, and not to be offended if their ideas aren't chosen. You are relieved of all liability for hurt feelings if you choose not to accept any ideas/hints/suggestions. It's a good excuse for a social event and you might get some useful hints. I might even suggest that you send a pic of the entire front of your house. The "tkt" to get into the party is a design plan--nothing formal or to scale, but just some ideas on paper so you don't have to scramble to take notes after drinking, let's say, 1 espresso martini.

I won't be offended if I'm not invited.

jen said...

Any excuse for cocktails...:o)

adozeneggs said...

It looks like you need plants to me. A few pots of pretty plants and you'll be all set!!


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