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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nothin' Says Lovin'...

Everyone always asks my husband why he isn't 400 pounds since he's married to a chef. Every single time, his response is the same. "Are you kidding? I'm lucky if I get the burnt bits!" Sadly, this is true. Before I went back to work full time-ish, I would bake/cook occasionally for people I knew and friends-of-friends. It didn't bring in much money but it kept my name "out there" and gave me a little creative outlet. I don't do this anymore (except for family and very close friends), but my kids still ask, when I've made something particularly yummy-looking "Who's it for?"

My poor family assumes they're going to just get the burnt bits.

So I made a real attempt to make a LOT of homemade meals this summer and to bake things just because. It feels good to do it because they are so obviously delighted and it's probably saved us some moolah too, since we are often of the "let's get a pizza" mindset.

Alexis, I blame you for this!

But now I'm back at work. And after cooking 2X a day for 51+ girls, I don't exactly jump for joy at the thought of cooking dinner again for 4 more people. I sometimes even feel resentful of having to do it ("Boy would I love coming home to the smell of dinner cooking!" was uttered sarcastically quite a few times last year), but I know that it only makes sense for me to do it because I'm home earliest. I realize it but I knew I'd still think it. This summer I realized that I needed a plan.

These were sooooo good. Vanilla Butter-Glazed, Chocolate-Glazed, and Cinnamon Sugar.
Easy-peasy recipe from A Passion for Baking, By Marcy Goldman

Lucy gave me the idea but considering the fact that it's exactly what I do at work, I realize what an ass I am (and disorganized at home) to not have figured it out myself and applied it to my home life. "Lucy's Plan" is to make a weekly menu based on what's in the cupboard and/or what I've just bought. Revolutionary. I've also decided to base my home menu on the one I'm preparing at work so I can prepare them together. Genius.

Clearly, I am not a brain surgeon.

This basic little elemental plan will be BIG, I think, because it'll allow me to come home from work with at least the beginnings of a home-cooked meal, with time to put my feet up, hear about the kids' day, and greet my husband with the good smells of dinner instead of the grumblings of a bitchy wife. And my family will feel loved and taken care of.

Instead of just settling for the burnt bits.


Jozette said...

Those donuts? Look amazing.

Also, that is the best idea ever and something I never would have thought of.

and I would totally come home and grumble how it'd be nice if someone cooked for me for once. cause i'm a bitch like that. so you're in good company :) wait. did i just indirectly call you a bitch? dammit. that's not what i meant.

The Handsome Husband said...

I love the burnt bits!! And by the way everyone, the donuts were awesome!!!!!!!

Jules said...

How does the saying go? The cobbler's children have no shoes? I did accounting/finance for more years than I care to remember, and God help me I can't pay a bill early or balance a check book. I'm now allergic to numbers.

So sweet of your husband to say he loves the burnt bits, too. :)


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