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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You're So Vain

Yesterday's first full day of work ended with a bang. Or a boom. Well, actually a fucking fireball! I was lighting the pilot light on the griddle with the gas on like I always did in my old kitchen and BOOM! A ball of fire flared out at me. Did I mention that my face was right in front of it so I could see what I was doing. Anyway, I flew back, knocking several things over and patting out the fire that was in my hair, people. M was there and ran over to me. My first words of comfort to my daughter?


Not, "Mommy's okay" or "Don't worry." Nope. I was worried about my friggin hair. And it was not pretty. The left side of my bangs are gone, my left eyebrow is only half there, and my eyelashes could best be described as stubby. But thanks to M's quick thinking (a 9 year old was more together than I was and immediately got me ice), I only have some slight blistering on my neck. Oh, and I now know that the smell of burnt hair makes me feel like barfing.

M nursed me and told me it was okay that I cried (I very professionally burst into tears when one of the girls came down to see what happened) and told me she wished she could drive so I didn't have to drive us home.


Today my left eyelid feels like I have a sunburn and it's almost ridiculous to put on mascara (but you know I'll keep trying), but I was really really lucky. When I told the maintenance dude what happened, he said "Oh yeah. The fan is really strong on the ovens. You shouldn't turn them on to light them."


And when I told him I felt I was "lucky" I only lost a little hair (meaning I was lucky I didn't LOSE MY FACE), he said "Oh yeah. Same thing happened to another woman in one of the frats. SHE had to wear a hat for a couple months."


Who knew cooking for a sorority could be dangerous? My worst fear was of getting caught in an estrogen-laced cat fight. Or getting burned by words.

Now I have a fear of pancakes.


Jules said...

Glad to hear you are ok!

Jozette said...

oh man! who knew the occupational hazards could be in the form of facial fireballs? jesus! glad you are ok.

and for some reason that maintenance dude? really pisses me off. i love it when people give you nonchalant advice AFTER you almost burned your effing face off. thanks dude. good lookin' out.

jen said...

I KNOW! And the guy seems very nice, but Nonchalance seems to be French for "Tim the Maintenance Dude." Sheesh.

Another little fun fact: even us womens have facial hair (it's BLONDE!!) and now I have stubble on my left cheek.


knitfrique said...

Wow! Way to go M. I totally get the hair and other vanity concerns. I think you focused on those issues as a survival mechanism, otherwise you might have freaked; therefore, nothing vain about it Sista!

I'd be all over Tim the no-maintenance dude. A little notice perhaps? Unbelievable.

Judy said...

Burnt hair is the WORST. It's traumatic and the reek is as awful as it is persistent.

Love the comment about the hat!

FinnyKnits said...

Oh noooooooooooooooooo.

That is bad! Why, might I ask, don't they replace that thing with something less deadly?


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