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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Idiotic Gardener

Remember that "baby cucumber?" Do you, Laura? Well, I INSISTED it was a baby cucumber even though EVERYONE said yo, that's a ZUCCHINI, dumb ass. Well, we were both wrong and we were both right.

WHAT?! you say?

not mine but just here to illustrate dumb-assedness
Turns out that ONE of the plants was a cucumber and one of it is a PUMPKIN VINE! So you squash-insisters were partially correct (although the flowers for the cumumber plant are the same as the squash one. Weird.). No it's not some miracle of science. I mixed up my seedlings because I am, at best, disorganized in my personal life.
Anyhoo, I'm super-psyched because now I can have crispy yummy salads AND I can carve some vegetables into crazy toothless grins. AWESOME!


adozeneggs said...

I don't know what you did, but can't you stuff that blossom with ricotta or cream cheese and fry that sucker???
That's what I do with my pumpkin/cucumber blossoms!!
Very healthy and low fat.

Judy said...

Aha! Mystery solved.

jen said...

I've never had a stuffed squash blossom. Don't they just taste like fried cheese? Not that that's a bad thing....

adozeneggs said...

No, it's usually not THAT much cheese, and the flower has a mild flavor. Which is why you use ricotta or cream cheese (mild). I usually put a little garlic in the cheese.
I'm pretty sure it's an Italian thing to stuff and fry. Tony Soprano at a whole plate of them after eating Indian and then he got deathly ill. This, I remember from the show.
But if you google squash blossom recipes you'll find tons of stuffed fried ones.

African Kelli said...

pumpkin is way more fun anyway! brava!


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