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Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Garden Serenity

I have no idea what these purple flowers are called.
They and their foliage are so pretty-- and they never seem to die.

Baby cucumber

Because of this wonderful weather
I have a ton of lettuce that doesn't bolt right away.

Grape tomatoes that will, no doubt, not make it
to the inside of the house.

This broccoli was so delicious on top of some homemade pizza.
Why does it taste better when you grow it yourself?

I love mint.
And I finally got smart and planted it in a container
so it wouldn't go wild.
There are 3 varieties in one pot: spearmint, apple mint,
and chocolate mint.
Whoever developed this variety was a horticultural genius.

And this was just thrown in because who doesn't enjoy
a little child labor?
The Boy slices paper into bar mitzvah programs.
This was the only job he had to do for the big day.
He complained incessantly.

Apparently he HAS become a man.


32point5 said...

Wow! Love the last two posts, your garden is fantastic. Mine looks like crap this year, I have no motivation what so ever for some reason, meh, whatever.
I always thought I hated Sage but I make baked potatoes wrapped with sage leaves in tinfoil, umm-hmm, super yummy!

jen said...

I will try the sage potatoes. The only way I've liked it is a weirdo recipe in which beets are roasted with it and then combined with goat cheese for a creamy cheesy pasta dish. I probably liked it because of all that cheese and cream!

adozeneggs said...

Is that a squash or a cucumber? Cause that looks like a squash blossom to me.
Didn't the boy have to learn a boat load of hebrew text to say/sing at the Bar Mitzvah?? According to the last one I attended and from what Howard says, it's a lot of work. No??
mmmmm canned potatoes with sage......

jen said...

I realized after I posted that I made it sound like he didn't have to do anything for his bar mitzvah but show up. NOPE. He not only had to learn the Hebrew, he had to sing it (!) and lead the whole service. But hey! I had to make centerpieces and chicken and salads and cakes and cookies and, and and.....WAAAH! poor me. NOT.

FinnyKnits said...

While I initially meant to comment on the loveliness of your garden, that last comment has me cracking - "Apparently he HAS become a man!"

Oh, you. You're too funny.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that the purple flowers are lobelia.


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