the gregarious homebody

Friday, July 31, 2009

This is pretty much what happened tonight when M found the grogger from Purim on the Jew shelf in our living room (minus me spazzing on the couch).


adozeneggs said...

Ok, so I know a lot of things Jewish, but what the heck is a grogger??

The Handsome Husband said...

A "grogger" is any sort of noise maker. Generally it is a wooden thing that you twirl around and it makes quite a rackett. They are traditional used during the holiday of Purim whenever Hamen's name is mentioned (the bad dude in the story of Purim). I thought we were going to have to peel the cats off of the ceiling. One of the funniest things that I have seen. Need to video tape it next time.

adozeneggs said...

Was this the first time they had heard the "grogger"?
Or, do they just only hear it once a year and it's unfamiliar and scary??


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