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Saturday, January 16, 2010

But Wait: There's More!

Several of our swappers received their packages already and were THRILLED with their haul.

This is some of what {Bev} sent Jenni. 
Jenni's first baby "girl" is her dog Whitney,
so those {dog biscuits} were greatly appreciated.

And here's some more from {Bev's} state, Washington. 
I think it's always great to get stuff that's from your swapees area. 

I'd really really REALLY like to show more  of the awesome stuff from the photos the rest of you emailed me but much to my fucking frustration (there has been much inward and outward swearing around the Gregarious household computer), I haven't been able to save the pictures in order to blog them.  I have a serious love/hate relationship with Picasa.  {Laura}, my darling, and her fantastic husband {Dave} are attempting to help me with this problem.  Despite having a blog, I am a well-documented technotard.  I apologize to the other swappers and hope to get the pictures up soon!

::Michele:  I have not received your emailed pictures,
so can you send them again?::

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