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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Could Have Just Asked My Husband

HH reads my blog religiously because sometimes we're both so tired/disgruntled after work that we go to our separate corners and don't talk.  So between my blog and facebook, it helps us know what's going on with each other.  Don't judge us.  When you talk all day, you don't want to necessarily talk at night.  At least I don't.

Anyhoo, he was just reading {my post} about my technical problems and told me the problem was "easy" to figure out.  Which is why I didn't ask him in the first place.  Why?  Let me illuminate:
  1. I am stubborn.  I hate not knowing how to do shit.  I hate being told how.  I am immature.
  2. HH loves knowing how to do everything.  He loves telling people how.  He is annoying.
I call his "tone" when he is "explaining" something his INSTRUCTIVE tone and he gets it from his father.  When I am really pissed I call him Elliott (--my father-in-law's name.  I said I was immature).  I feel myself wanting to claw his eyes out or at least withhold dinner.

All THAT being said, HH is a great guy.  He honestly doesn't seem to realize he's doing it since he "heard it from his parents his whole life," although since we've been together 22 years, he has about 1 more year in which he can use that excuse.  After that, he will have been with Wonderful Me more than with his parents.  And I put the work in, so I should get the reward of husbandly perfection.

Again, immature.

So he's apologetic as I point out his INSTRUCTIVENESS.  Again, good guy.  And, in the end, quite handy to have around. Plus, he's got that great hair (right, Judy?) and those twinklingly shifty eyes.  *sigh*  This is me totally sucking up.

My point for all of this is I can now post the other swap pictures!  Yay!  Thanks anyway, Laura and Dave, but I guess I really should've looked closer to home and spoken to my husband.  See?  I'm growing up.  So here are some more:

How friggin cute is that packaging?  {Jen} really took her time with it and it shows.
Here's what she included (from Jen's email):

FIKA Chocolate Covered Hazlenuts from {Greenpoint Food Market} (GFM)
(holla Brooklyn!--love, The Gregarious Homebody)
Chocolate Almond Toffee from Bean and Apple from GFM
Quinoa Bark from Keen-wah a quinoa company from GFM
Bread and Butter Chocolate Bar
Homemade Spiced Candied Pecans
Homemade Cherry Brandy Holiday Cake from GFM
("this is kind of a joke, had to send a fruit cake")

Love that!  And I would eat that entire fruit cake because I am unique in that I LOVE them as long as they don't have any disgusting {green cherries}.  That's just weird.

But here's a picture of my favorite part of her swap,
which I left out in the list above so that they didn't have to share the glory that is:

homemade molasses ginger cookies!

As my friend Jenni would say, I just want to curl up with
those cookies and go to sleep.

And how gorgeous is {Jen's} photo?  NICE.
Not surprising, though.  Be sure to check out {her photography}
(as she is a PROFESSIONAL).
Seriously, {WOW}.

*And here's the cool stuff Michele sent to {Donna}:

All dressed up...



Be sure to click on the photo--the small package almost in the center
with the royal blue label is
I could die from such cuteness.
Michele  went all out.

So now that I know what the eff I'm doing, I can post the rest of the photos
without losing any hair or brain matter.  Keep sending them in! 

You can also go to {Laura's blog} to see what {Sarah sent her} 
all unwrapped and see the mastery of Laura's packaging
(I have a serious thing for {brown kraft}) of Sarah's packages.

*edited because apparently in addition to being a technotard, my reading skills suck too.  Sorry Michele and Donna!!


Michele said...

Wow, I thought these pictures looked familiar! You have the names confused. This is the swap I sent to Donna at the Perfect Details. LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy Sunday! Michele was a GREAT swap partner and I love my presents! But yes, it's MICHELE and Donna :) I do have pics of what I sent to her as well - will send those later today! Thanks for arranging a fun swap! It was my first but hopefully not my last! :)

jen said...

Oh crap. I'm sorry. Shit.


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