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Monday, January 11, 2010

Nice Booty!

Today's the day that all the swapees should have gotten their booty in the mail so I don't feel too bad showing 2 of them (SPOILER ALERT FOR JENNI'S SWAP PARTNER).  Hopefully, y'all will be sending me your pics of the stuff you got/sent this week so I can keep posting them!

I said it before, but I had so much fun putting together or making all my swap stuff!  I really hope everyone else did too.  Just like during the gift-giving holidays, I often forgot that I would be getting something in the mail too.  The choosing and the sending were that fun.

So here's the stuff I sent to my swap partner, {Mamacita}, all wrapped up
(click the picture to see all the goodies close-up):

I love all the snowflake stuff out right now and cool blue is so pretty, I think. 

(Here's a "secret" about me: If you {packaged poop} in a pretty way, I'd be impressedAsk my husband:  I can often be heard saying, "but I love the packaging!" about the stupidest crap.
Who cares what's inside?  Well...not crap, but.....)

So, after shopping ({Crate and Barrel sale}--holla!) and baking (granola, cookies) and making (homemade chocolate marshmallows, hot chocolate on a stick) , I packaged everything up all pretty.  I also thought it would be cool to include a touch of where I live.The card in front has a recipe for {Moravian Sugar Cake} (which I did not make for the swap because it gets stale fairly quickly) because {Bethlehem, PA} was settled by Moravians eons ago and I added a Moravian star origami thingy to hang somewhere in Mamacita's home.  

While the Moravians were NOT known for {Origami}, (shocking, I know) they were known for these {stars} that are {mucho dinero} and made, usually, of glass.  

I love {Mamacita} but not that much (ch-ching!).

Anyway, I hope she enjoyed her goodies!   If I get her for another swap, I'll be sure to send {alcohol}.

Here's a picture of Jenni's swap, ready to be packaged up:

Jenni is known around our office as The Go-To Woman for anything crafty.  She knits, she crochets, she sews amazing {Mad Men-esque dresses} and today she tormented me and our office with delicious-looking {Buckeyes} she made (blast this weight watchers regimen!!).

Jenni's swap included some of those great crafts.  She managed to whip up some eco-friendly produce bags from some groovy retro fabric, make some washable washcloths and bake some treats.  All this while preparing for her very first baby to arrive (a girl!  YAY!).   

Baby Julianna is going to be one lucky little girl with all the outfits, {amigurumi} and other amazing handmade things she gets from her mommy.

Stay tuned for more swappy goodness!


Lynne said...

Nice booty indeed.

Ugh. I forgot to snap a pic before I mailed it out.

jen said...

No prob, Lynne. Take a picture of what you receive and send it to me. Maybe your swap partner will take a picture of what you sent her! Hope you had fun!

BevB said...

As Jenni's LUCKY swap partner, Im just thrilled with everything she sent! Who wouldn't love chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick? Sooo dee-lish-us! Hot chocolate on a stick should be designated the WA state food. Good bye rainy day blues! Loving the pretzels and the dish cloths & produce bags. I feel so lucky!! Thanks Jenni!

jen said...

Bev, do you have a picture of your swap for Jenni?

Michele said...

I sent you pics of what I received. Hope you got it!

adozeneggs said...

I posted pics of my swap here:
Love everything!!!

Morta Di Fame said...

Super fun! Great wrap job on the poop. ;-)

Lynne said...

I did have fun putting everything together and sending it! I'll make sure I snap a photo of what I receive.


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