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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Girl

From the very beginning, my girl was sassy.

4 months
Under this picture in a photo album, the caption reads
"This girl is FUN!"


She has always had a flair...

2 yrs
...for the dramatic.


She and I often look at the world
the same way.

29 yrs, 3 months

Sometimes that way is just plain nuts.

6 yrs

As she's gotten older, I've often worried that she was lonely
or that something was wrong because she didn't want to spend a lot of time
outside school with her friends.

10 yrs
But I've learned that she likes being with herself,
that alone-time is precious to her.
It's funny because I'm like that now, as a grown up. 
I used to feel like I always had to be with someone.

It's taken me a long time to learn to like my own company.

It took my girl just a few years.


This is my girl a month ago, at almost 11.

It's gone by so fast.

And even though every morning I don't know which girl
is coming down the steps...

Baby Girl who is nervous and needs her Mommy 
"Teenage" Grump who is embarrassed by her family's (MY) existence
Goofy nut who is all about fun and psyched about life

Even though it can be challenging, knowing how to react,
how to be Her Mother..
Even though I know she'll sometimes hurt my feelings
because she just can't help herself...
Even though ...

Life with My Girl is interesting. 
And fun.
And messy.

And, it's pretty cool knowing that your kid is someone who you'd want to know
even if she wasn't your kid.

Happy Birthday, Pie


love xoxo


The Handsome Husband said...

Happy Birthday, Maya!!


Sallie Mercer said...

What a fabulous gift to Maya this is... and if she doesn't fully get it now, wow will she ever appreciate it someday when she's somebody's mommy! Your writing is fantastic, but your insights are even more superb. I hope that I can create something even half as special for Aidan someday!

jen said...

THANKS, Sallie!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had Blogland when my kids were Aidan's age. There's such a wealth of great writing and internet bonding out there if you look.

And I'm SURE Aidan will know how special he is. I'm betting he already knows.

my favorite and my best said...

so relatable. your girl sounds like me. what a sweet gesture for her too.


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