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Thursday, April 3, 2008


Week 9: I thought this whole running thing would eventually get easier. I'm finding that "eventually" is relative to how large one's ass is and how truly out of shape in general the runner is. Today was the first day of the ninth week so my running time increased and I always find it incredibly hard the first time that happens. I got to my 3rd rep and felt the wind in my hair, blah blah blah, and felt good and then 30 minutes into the run my head hurt, I was heaving and I felt a nap coming on.

According to my program, the runner should never be out of breath--you should be able to "carry on a conversation the whole time or you're training too hard." Whaaa?? I was contemplating the idea of having to walk part of the way at the 5K in June and getting more and more pissed about it when Stacy drove up and asked me how I was doing with my run. Her response to the talking-while-running thing was basically, "Yeah. If you're a marathon runner." So I feel a tad better about feeling like a lard ass on the verge of needing a defibrillator.

*3:2 is the sequence I'm running right now--run 3 minutes and then walk 2 minutes, repeating 10 times.

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