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Saturday, April 12, 2008

See that wall over there? Yeah...I hit it.

I am seriously stuck. I just got back from my run. That would be the *run* in which I WALKED the last 15 minutes. I can't seem to finish all 8 reps in this 3:2 sequence. I get incredibly tired after 25-30 minutes and just can't keep running. I'm so frustrated because it was going so well before this. I'm thinking that the "5K in 13 Weeks" program that Neighbor Bob turned me on to is not geared toward the large-assed community, of which I am a member in good standing. Maybe my *community* needs to follow the "5K in 18 Weeks in Which One Walks the last 1/2K" program. Here's how bad it is: I couldn't even Foo myself out of the funk.

I am a quitter from waaaay back. My attention span and my length of time keeping with a particular exercise regime are totally in synche with each other. Both are short. THIS time I won't quit! I am sick and fucking tired of being a sit-on-my ass kind of girl who moves on to the next diet/exercise program/self-help shit, hoping it will be magically easy.

So, here is my new plan: Keep Going. Yes, it's hardly revolutionary, but it's dramatic for me. I'm going to keep doing this sequence until I only feel like I'm going to barf a little but can actually finish the 8 reps before moving on to the seemingly-unattainable 5:2 sequence.

Other stuff:

I found a new blog to waste some time on. It's called Dooce. The blogger is hilarious--she's a F-bong-slinging, former Mormon who's interested in DIY, pop culture, family junk, and spewing her daily stuff. Just my cup of tea. Check her out because she's actually making a living with her blog because of the ads on the side. You have to admire getting paid to rant.

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