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Monday, April 21, 2008

Woo-Hoo!...I mean, Ohhmmm.....

I finally broke through my running wall! Today I was able to run, without dying, the 3.5:2 sequence. That's 30 whole seconds of running added on! I know that sounds lame to you *real* runners, but, frankly, fuck you. It's an accomplishment for me! And this is ALL ABOUT ME.

I have to thank the Laurel Canyon soundtrack and the actor who sings on all the songs. It's one of the best soundtracks ever because the music really stands on its own. I mean, I know Saturday Night Fever is the best-selling of all time or some shit, but can you really listen to that album? Anyhoo, one of the songs from the soundtrack came on just as I was about to think about stopping and it really pumped me up and spurred me on. BTW, Laurel Canyon is a really great movie and stars one of my celebrities-who-I'd-like-to-be-friends-with (there's a list, people), Frances McDormand.
Thanks, Allesandro Nivola!
I also think I had a better day today because I tried something new. It's going to sound extremely flaky, but I made myself stop breathing so hard during the beginning of a walking phase (I'm always doing those fab chest-heaving breaths), which, in turn, helped the start of the next batch of running. I just sort of closed my eyes a bit and told myself to calm down, to just breathe slowly, and that's about it. I think I was sort of channeling my inner yogi because I've kind of done the same thing when I've done yoga. In any case, it worked. I have to try it at the beginning of my run on Thursday and see if it helps the run from the start.

Woo hoo! Something to look forward to!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you, Topp. What an accomplishment.
I personally like bagpipe music when I'm doing something hard for the same reasons you liked that Laurel Canyon CD which I've never heard of since I'm such a loser.


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