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Monday, April 14, 2008

Free Pass Five + bonus

I was going to write a post today about my Biggest Foot in Mouth Event to date in which I told the health inspector woman who came to inspect my kitchen today how much I appreciated her kindness and professionalism because the woman who did it before was such a douche, all the while not realizing that I was in fact talking to the douche and did not recognize her as such.

But then I saw this neato list on another site and thought this would be much more fun.

Ready, kids? Here's how the game works: You pick 5 men/women (depending on your proclivities) who, if you could get a "free pass" from your significant other, you would have raunchy dirty sex with (or at least that's how I imagine it). They can be celebrities or the guy who delivers your UPS packages (brown IS the new black). Let's play!

1. Ewan McGregor. Anyone who knows me at all could've picked this one as my first. He's sexy, he's funny, he's got a Scottish accent, and the man will drop trou' at the drop of a hat. And, though my friend Mimi says his sex scenes are "just acting," he's either the best fucking actor in the world (and, c'mon, we know he's not), or Mrs. McGregor, that bitch, is getting some deliciousness right where she needs it.

2. James McAvoy. Another Scottish guy with an amazing accent. And his voice. Oy. Saucy. Unfortunately for him, he's short and doesn't photograph well, but he smolders on screen and can make a dude who tears up seem very sexy.

3. Jason Bateman. I have enjoyed his comedic talent since Silver Spoons and have really enjoyed the results of his adolescence. Now he's funny AND extremely cute. I've replaced Vince Vaughn with Jason because I think Jason needs my help. Everyone loves Vince. He's doing just fine, thanks very much. But just look at this guy; he's got a puppy dog thing going on and he's funny and he's a pretty good actor too. Yep. He stays.

4.The Guy Who Plays Mohinder on Heroes. Okay. I know he has a real name, but I can never remember it and I couldn't spell it if my life depended on it, so I prefer to think of him this way, although, to be honest I couldn't care less what his name is. Just look at him. Wow. The hair, the jaw, and again, the height. *swoon* And he's got this amazing voice. Those Heroes people knew what they were doing when they decided to have him narrate the show. The guy could read the phonebook and it would sound hot.

5. Dave Grohl. You soccer moms are saying "Who?" and those of you hung up on classic handsomeness are saying "Huh?", but Dave, former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighter, is the smart, cool and funny Everyman, the guy your brother was friends with who talked to you and didn't treat you like the 12 year old dweeb you were. And he plays the guitar and sings. Nice....

Bonus: It was suggested that there should be a bonus person listed for this game and I agree. The bonus person should be someone who you would pick if you --ahem-- switched teams (I hate that expression, but there ya go). And that lovely lady, for me, has always been:

...Jodie Foster!

I've loved her from afar for a long long time. Maybe even since Freaky Friday. She's smart, she's cute-but-approachable, and, yes, she's gay so maybe she'd dig me too.

Who's in your Free Pass Five List? Let me know in the comments section!


Anonymous said...

I think your list looks good. The person I would add - and don't shriek with laughter! - is Alexander the Great.

I told you not to laugh! I studied a lot of images of him in an art history course I took in college and thought he was quite the babe.

Guess who

Anonymous said...

Alexander the Great, you've got to be kidding. How about someone from this millenium??

While you are at it, I've heard that Vlad the Impaler was quite the looker too, but I wouldn't want to date him.

jen said...

Vlad is HOT. Have you seen his impaler??

knitfrique said...

As with most things in those days, size was often exagerated to impress/scare enemies. Vlad had to be insecure w/the whole impaler schtick!

jen said...

So who's in YOUR list??

Steve said...

No one else has given their top five, so I will (not in order)
Jessica Lange (just look at her there in King Kongs hand)
Gina Gershon (Nice Jewish girl with great lips and can play guitar)
Diane Lane (very sexy)
Cameron Diaz (I love the fact that she can hang with the guys, burp and fart-yet be very cute)
Sela Ward (she was great in Sisters)

For the Bonus question: I know my wife would think it is cliche, but John Cussak (I think we would be able to hang together)

knitfrique said...

I'm not giving on this one! Now that you know my alter ego I would never hear the end of it. Besides, shouldn't I say that my husband leaves me no room for fantasizing over out-of-reach celebs? Technically, we're still newlyweds!

jen said...

Okay. You have a point considering your last regular dude was DH.

knitfrique said...

Thanks....I think.

My Favorite and My Best said...

hey! ok so i know this is old and all but i HAVE to revive this today using my fave five. you already have 2 on your list that would be on mine as well,james and ewan. LOVE them!!!
thanks for visiting my blog.


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