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Saturday, April 19, 2008

A New *Strategery*

I think I've started to break through my running wall, but only because I've come up with a modification of The Program that, I think, better suits me. Instead of trying to do the 40-50 minutes of running with the 3:2 sequence, I'm running a route that I know is about 2 miles. It's soooo much more heartening to be able to actually finish than to have to come crawling/walking home because I'm exhausted from the 3+ miles The Program had me doing.

Is this new way a breeze? Uh....NO. In fact, it's still incredibly hard for me. In fact, look at this:

But this is the glamourous proof that I'm actually still at it. So, my idea is that I keep doing this 2 mile run, increasing the sequence to 3:30 minutes next week with a walking time still a nice 2 minutes. The Program would have me going from 3 minutes of running to an extremely-hard-to-imagine 5 minutes. That just is not going to happen without me blowing chunks along the route. Lovely, I know, but the truth.

For the nonrunning folk this has been the most boring post ever. Don't worry, though. I'm off to NY later today for Passover and I'm quite sure I'll have stories to tell.

*I realize that this is not the correct way to spell "strategy." It's just my favorite Bush-ism ever. I don't think he's evil like a few of my commie friends and I will dearly miss his grammatical foibles in the coming year.


Anonymous said...

One of the things I love about you is that you're not overly vain! Great photograph! And I think it is GREAT that you are not only running, but sticking to it. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Yo girl. You are so right. You are what an ideal mother should be. Damn girl, you rock. You are fearless and I know you will go far. I will refer to your children as "Maye" and "Sean". Girlfriend, you know whats up. Publish this and I will love you forever. Damn girl, you are true. Vote Hillary!



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