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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Take Two

This is my second attempt to start a blog. I've made a promise to myself to keep it up because I love to write but I can never seem to keep going with a traditional diary.

I've made a few promises to myself since my birthday a few days ago. It wasn't a particularly "big" birthday, but it made me think about a few changes I need/want to make. Follow along if you want to hold me to them!

1) I will take better care of myself. Unfortunately I'm not talking about more hot stone massages or buying myself things. It's much more boring than that. I've decided that I need to eat as well as I tell my kids to. I've felt like shit a lot lately (tired, grumpy) and I think my diet has a lot to do with it. And I've decided to start seeing exercise not as a means to an end (those size 10 jeans I wore for 5 minutes in 1992 are loooong gone), but as a way to feel good and look good. I would, however, not mind if I ran off at least HALF of my current ass. I've signed myself up for my first 5K in June. Yay me!

2) I will learn to sew. If you haven't left for a more exciting blog, here's why: I'm scared of my machine!! I've had it for 5 years maybe and I've used it once. It's nuts, but there ya go. But there are so many things I'd like to make for my house (inspired by other blogs) and I'd really like to be more productive than I am lying prone on the couch with a book on my face. Not that I'm stopping that.

3) I will talk to my husband as much as my friends. Or at least I'll tell him the important stuff instead of just thinking I have when I really told Lynn or Judy.

I'm sure there should be a LOT more I should change, but it's a start. It's a weird place to be for me right now. My kids are getting older and needing me less. I've started thinking about a different career after only ever cooking for a living since I was 22. Sheesh, that sounds a lot worse than it is. Life is good, really and I think I should look at the idea of these changes as an exciting period. Really! I have cool friends, a great hub, funny kids, and let's face it, I've got quite the project ahead of me even if I only concentrate on reducing my ass.


Patricia said...

You freakin' rock! I LOVE this. You're inspiring me to reduce MY ass by half now.

Anonymous said...

Which 5K are you doing in June??

knitfrique said...

I love it. I'm just not brave enough to share the ramblings of my unbalanced mind w/the world. Then everyone will know how nuts I am...not that you're nuts. I could certainly go half-ass, and there's a good argument that I have done but not in the way you mean! However, I'd have to give up comfort food!

jen said...

Knitfrique, who art thou? Identify, please!

Anonymous said...

You go girl....I loved looking at your ramblings! I have a sewing machine that has been in my basement for YEARS...I'll sew, if you'll sew.
Good for you, starting to run. run now,'cause once you hit 40 and above the running slows down and the ass keeps going.

Anonymous said...

The Handsome Husband looks suspiciously like Ewan McGregor. What's up with that?

jen said...

It's AMAZING how much my husband looks like him, isn't it?


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